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MALAYSIA is truly unique as a golfing destination & paradise, the diversity of its courses is unrivalled in the world. Numbering more than 200 throughout the country, they can be found high in the mountains, along the seashore, on tropical islands, amidst towering rain forests and in the heart of the city. As well as offering spectacular scenery, many of these courses are equipped with the best facilities and amenities to be found anywhere, to make your golfing a complete and unforgettable experience.

A number of courses have been designed by some of golf's top names. Designers and golfers alike, including Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, Greg Norman, Peter Thomson, Ronald Fream, Robert Trent Jones, Ross Watson, J Michael Poellot, and Max Wexler, et al, have brought out the best features of the environment whilst incorporating their own special signature skills.

This accounts for the tremendous variety of courses throughout Malaysia, each with its own special features, for a range that no true golfing aficionado can resist. And with Malaysia's excellent road system and transportation, including frequent flights between all major cities, it is easy to get to the best of the country's courses for a typically Malaysian golfing experience par excellence.

The visiting golfer will find a variety of grasses to play on. The older courses will feature Cowgrass or broad-leaf indigenous grass on the fairways and rough, with Serangoon or Bermuda Tifway covering the greens.

Most of the newer courses will have the popular warm weather favourite Bermuda Tifway on the fairways and rough and Bermuda Tifdwarf on the greens. Some courses prefer the resilient Zoysia Martrellia species, while the Sea Shore Paspalum variety is the grass used for seaside courses. The temperate climate Bent grass can be found in one of the mountain courses. The average speed of Malaysian greens is between 6-8 on the Stimpmeter. But in a small number of courses, the speed can rise to as high as 10. However, the golf courses in Malaysia generally do not have fast greens.

Tourism Malaysia organises the highly successful World Amateur Inter-Team Golf Championship. This annual tournament brings together amateur golfers from all over the world to play in some of the best courses in Malaysia as well as to savour the sights and sounds of this fascinating country.

To avoid disappointment, you are advised to call the club concerned to make your bookings early and enjoy low green fees. Also bear in mind that green fees may change from time to time, so do check with the clubs. The greater majority of golf clubs in Malaysia insist on the use of rubber-studded shoes. Happy golfing!