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TESTIMONIAL - Many, Many thanks to all our appreciative clients !

United Kingdom / Brigadier (Retd) John Gray - Author of - Available in Bookstores Oct 2010.

In 2007, I decided to join the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) program and engaged the services of Mike Soo of Migration 188 (MM2H) Sdn Bhd who is an authorized MM2H agent. He responded immediately and over the next few months guided me through the complex application process and submitted and completed the application.


On my application being approved, we met in Kuala Lumpur and together visited a bank, a doctor, a medical aid office and the Government Immigration Office in Putrajaya where I was given my MM2H Visa Pass. Mike made all the arrangements which went very smoothly. He was good company and the whole process was handled in a most professional way. I am truly grateful for Mike Soo's dedication and expertise and have no hesitation in recommending him to act for any MM2H applicant.


Singapore / Tessensohn S

Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) welcomes long stayers Malaysia is possibly the most popular, welcoming destination for people looking for sanctuary in sunshine with lush green forests and all the conveniences of a modern country.


This scheme granting qualified foreigners many of them over 40 or retirees  on long visas or multiple-entry social visit passes on rather easy terms may suit you, if you are planning to stay for long periods in Malaysia. Suits some people from cold climates very well to spend their cold weather seasons here and the pleasant summer-fall in a temperate climate.


The rules and regulations change from time to time and you need to know exactly what is current. We used a good agent to make our application, Do contact ours: "Mike Soo" .  He is fast & efficient, knows the MM2H rules very well, tours & properties on Malaysia & get things done without much hassle.


With the MM2H visa, you are not confined to living in Johor but the advantages of Johor are obvious: -  all the delights of vast sky space, lush green, flowing water and fresh air, warm and breezy climate, astonishing affordability in housing and daily cost of living, quality health care that is not anywhere as expensive as home, is closest in proximity to the conveniences of Singapore and to Changi International Airport, gentle Malay culture, a very warm and friendly multi-ethnic people, fabulous cooked food and the freshest, abundant seafood, fruit & vegetables and free travel from rainforest mountains to pure white sandy beaches in Johor itself and beyond within a big country. And if you choose to live over the Tuas link - Western end of Singapore Island - In 15 min. you are into the heart of the Iskandar Development Region, with a stunning pleasure harbor and vast spaces and huge new buildings and cities-within-the city.


Switzerland /  Ruedi & Agnes

Mike Soo was very quick with responses when we first approached him to arrange the MM2H visa for us. Reason why we choose him in the first place. During the whole application procedure he guided us with professionalism, quick responses and fast actions. He managed to get us the MM2H within 5 weeks after submission of our documents. We were very pleased with his services and will certainly recommend him to interested MM2H applications


China / Chen Qi

Mr Mike Soo was very careful in explaining to us the benefits and advantages of having the MM2H Program. We then apply for the program and obtain and got the Malaysia My 2nd Home visa approval in 6 weeks. Mike took us to KL and assisted in opening a Malaysian Bank account; we went for a doctor checkup, purchase the health insurance and then got the MM2H Visa in 2 days. He showed us KL and knows Malaysia very well as he was a License Tourist Guide in the past. We are very glad for his efficient & professional service offered to us and highly recommend any client to use his service for the MM2H program, Malaysia holidays & properties.


France /  Dr Andrew C

Having completed successfully the MM2H Programme application process with the support of Mike Soo, I can happy recommend him to others. His knowledge of the MM2H requirements, procedures, decision making etc are first rate. His ability to communicate all of this to his clients is equally impressive. As too is his willingness to invest time and effort in understanding all the specifics of his clients' needs and circumstances by regular feedback and elucidation. Not least, his communication channel back to the MM2H people is highly effective. Not only is Mike your man if you want an MM2H application approved; you get the added bonus of dealing with a really likeable and charming personality.



Australia / Col (Retd) Jeffrey C

I am very glad that I engaged Mr Mike Soo to be my agent in my application for the MM2H Programme. I am very happy because my application was successful within 3 months - Contact, submission & obtaining the MM2H Visa. This was achieved through Mr Mike Soo very professional and personalized service.


When I first initiated my interest in the MM2H Programme through the Internet with a few approved agents, Mr Mike Soo responded to my queries and e-mailed all the websites on the Programme for me to read and understand the requirements to submit my application and the social and economic benefits in residing Malaysia. I realized that since his business is also in properties and tourism trades beside the MM2H Programme it will be easier for me to solve my residence requirements also with him. It was through our subsequent e-mails and telephone conversations that he clarified my doubts about the application and encouraged me to submit my application.  He guided me in preparing my application letter, curriculum vitae and all the required documents. He assessed my financial savings and he supported my application under the Pension scheme.


His professional fee is very reasonable and well below the authorized limit for an approved agent.


I submitted my application documents to him in April 2010. He helped me to notarize all the application documents through his lawyers. He notified me when the application was submitted to the authorities. He ensured that all the documents are checked at the MM2H authority reception counter in order to prevent any delay in the approving process.


I was duly informed by him that my application was successful in mid-June 2010. I made the appointment with him to go to Kuala Lumpur to receive my MM2H Social Visit Pass in early July 2010. He booked the hotel, made prior arrangements with the Insurance company, medical clinic and bank to facilitate the required documents to receive the Social Visit Pass. This is to minimize any waiting time. Consequently, we took one day only to obtain the insurance certificate, complete the medical check-up, and do my banking requirements and subsequently to get the Social Visit Pass at the MM2H Immigration Office.


During our stay in KL town, he taught me how to travel by the LRT trains. We did a quick tour to Putrajaya, KL Convention Centre and Bukit Bintang shopping district. It was a very enjoyable short tour. Currently Mr Soo is helping me also with the paperwork to import my beloved car from Perth to Malaysia.


India / Sarathi Kantipudi

When I intended to apply for MM2H Visa with Malaysian Government in May 2010, I came into contact with Mr. Mike Soo and he is a dynamic person with pleasing manners. I hereby testify that his services as well as his experience and good relations with the Banks and other concern authorities, etc. are the best to my knowledge and I recommend his services to any person or organization. I wish him success in his business activities. For your info I obtain my MM2H Visa approve in less then a month !


Singapore / Francis Peh

I had the blessings of meeting Mr Mike Soo, the licensed agent for the Malaysia My Second Home Program. Besides running this Program, Mr Soo also runs the Travel 188 Tour agency and also deals in properties in Malaysia.  All these three jobs handled by Mr Soo run hand in hand and indeed is a great help to those who have obtained his services for the Malaysia My Second Home Program, for which I am one of them.  He handles property sales in Malaysia and this is a great help for those who wish to buy a house after getting the Visa.  As a tour operator he is very well versed in the places of interest in Malaysia, as he took me to some parts of Kuala Lumpur to see the various places of interest, eat healthy food, shopping centers, and even the best and various choices of hotels. 


Mr Soo knows the procedures of going about this service of getting his clients through the application and approval of obtaining the Visa for the Malaysia My Second Home with efficiency and speed.  A good thing is that, during my application for the Visa,  I only gave Mr Soo the necessary documents like bank statements, and necessary certificates and Mr Soo handled all very well.  I did not have to go with him to any place except the final stage where I had to attend a medical examination in a clinic and the MM2H Visa issuing office all concluded in half a day.


Another very important thing is that, Mr Soo also goes all out to source for his clients the best interest rates for bank fixed deposits. This is important as all MM2H Visa holders must maintain a fixed deposit, presently, MYR150,000.00 in a Malaysian Bank. So in this way, his clients will get the best returns of bank interest for the funds placed of a long period, as required, in the bank.


So, for those who are thinking of applying for the Visa to stay in Malaysia under this program, Malaysia My Second Home, I can strongly and sincerely recommend Mr Mike Soo for this service.  


South Africa / Tessa S

Thanks again Mike for every thing you have done for me for the MM2H program. You are fast & active .. and do look forward to your visit to this funny farm in Leisure Farm !!  U know who you should target expat pilots flying with all the Asian and Gulf airlines.. !! With the slowdown many airlines will send some of the older chaps off on retirement and they would make perfect candidates for Malaysia and the MM2H scheme. Wish you a safe and successful trip !!  Good night Sleepy in the jungle!!


Yes, you have the correct contacts for GXXX Movers - the man I dealt with is Dave - Mobile # XXX Very good, very professional and very much a can do kinda guy with a  solid support team. He was brilliant. Action hero!! I have moved too many times, and can honestly say they were about the best I have ever had, other than in Hong Kong. For sure way better than any other moving mutts in Singapore. I have now moved to Leisure Farm - please see address and phone # below.. Move went well and movers were very good special the team from Malaysia side - full 40 footer sailed thru customs complete with  all the contraband. They did a great job of placing and unpacking and cost was very fair ..If u have another client in my situ u can always recommend them GXXX


The dogs were handled superbly by EXXX Pet Farm, also much more reasonable than the other pet mover people who are nothing but thieves Eric himself is another can do anything kinda guy - he did everything and my small zoo of 7  dogs arrived safely yesterday after 5 days in the kennels. All happy and healthy


Yes, I am in  next move will be  in a body bag. When you are next in JB u must stop by - it is fantastic, specially in the evening..


Nigeria / Okori I
Happy to hear of the approval at last.  Will wait to receive your scanned copy, and then the original MM2H Approval Letter. Many thanks for your help in your advises and also appeal in getting my MM2H program approve. Very glad to recomend my friends to you to apply for the MM2H program.


USA / Illam P

Hi Mike -    Wow, that was quick.  It took less than 6 weeks.  We will work on the "Letter of Good Conduct" and also plan the timing for our trip.  Will keep you posted once our trip dates are confirmed.  Thanks again for all your help and promptness to get this done.


United Kingdom / Milton Keynes, Buckinhamshire - Chris Johnston

To: Anyone considering employing Mike Soo of Travel 188 for the MM2H Programme

I would like to recommend Mike Soo to you if you are considering joining the Malaysian MM2H programme. I am happy to report that my experience of Mike close personal attention to each part of the process of obtaining my 10 year visa impressed me from the outset.


Mike made sure I had all the paperwork I needed in Malaysia and clearly explained the official documentation required from the UK authorities that I obtained. He kept track of everything and was there every step of the way. I now have my MM2H visa and look forward to enjoying my planned extended stays in Malaysia. I have no doubt that I shall continue to call on Mike and Travel 188 as I make Malaysia my second home.

If you would like to speak to me Mike can let you have my number.


Germany / Singapore / Wolfgang N
Anyone who is seeking professional advice, hassle free service and smooth sailing into MM2H haven should contact Mike Soo.
His knowledge about everything concerning a foreigner's move to Malaysia, authorities, housing, tourism etc. is endless. His friendly attitude and patience make dealing with him a pleasure. One reads so many stories about unprofessional MM2H agents. Trust me, you can't go wrong under the guidance of Mike Soo.


Dubai / Capt Jaafar S

I am writing to convey my utmost gratitude for the professional service that you had rendered for our MM2H applications. Your guidance were very clear and advice were very relevant. You  made the whole process feel easy and pleasant.  I will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends should they be interested to apply for the MM2H scheme.


France / J.N. Posner  +  China / L Zhong
Where does the East and West meet in a common venture to achieve an identical goal:  obtaining a mm2h ten year retirement visa?  Well, the meeting-point, the passage way is in the person of Mike Soo, who outstandingly handled our successful joint application for this visa.  Mike had to put all his talents to play in helping us assemble all the necessary documents from the authorities of two very different countries:  China and France whose official languages are not English.  He personally contacted our banking managers and employers to produce the proper documents, meeting the requirements of the mm2h programme.  Without his help we would have had great difficulty in preparing the translations and notarizing of these documents.  In a word, we strongly urge world-wide mm2h applicants to put themselves in the knowledgeable and efficatious hands of Mike Soo, who can solve all problems despite any obstacle inherent to any particular country where an applicant may come from.  He's able to simplify and solve any complicated problem.  Mike takes to heart all his clients' problems, realizing the importance for them to settle in beautiful Malaysia.  Despite the unrelenting hard work and advice he puts at our disposal, his fees are unbeatable, compared to other professionals in this field.  When Mike accepts to take you on as a client, success is assured.  Mike will become your friend who can make your Malaysian dreams come true.  His real estate company, combined with his legal knowledge, will back you up as you settle down in Malaysia.  So don't hesitate in availing yourself of the full range of Mike's multiple talents!


Sequel:         Over and beyond the call of duty!


After we had finally received our MM2H visas, Mike continued to accord us his precious time assuring that we were capable of settling down in our new host country by ourselves.  He travelled around with us to Genting, Cameron Highlands, Penang (Georgetown) and of course to Kuala Lumpur showing us how to use the trains, coaches and local busses; and, at the same time,  giving us valuable tips on how to rent lodgings, receive our French and Chinese favourite TV programmes over the Internet and, in general, making us street-wise to succeed our settling down in Malaysia.  Born and raised in Malaysia and heading a MM2H company as well as a real estate company, Mike knows all the ropes on how to integrate us foreigners into Malaysian society.  He actually has helped us beyond the grave!!!  Indeed Mike is a qualified representative for an outstanding Malaysian Will and Estate Planning corporation.  He has arranged our wills so that all our assets amassed during our lifetime in Malaysia will be passed on to our respective beneficiaries according to Malaysian law; thusly avoiding lengthy and expensive probates.


To Mikes's future clients we wholeheartedly recommend Mike Soo as your MM2H agent.  He will be the most competent counselor in your rapid obtaining of this lifetime visa and his unselfish, altruistic and unswerving efforts in procuring your visa will convice you that Mike is your best friend in Malaysia, truly looking out for your interests.  Mike likes his job and takes pleasure from being instrumental in making your Malaysian Dream come true!


Netherlands + New Zealand / J&J De Groots 

The more my wife and I found out about the MM2H program, the more exited we got. After having lived in Asia before, Malaysia seems to offer the right blend of things we are now looking for. Getting the "unconditional" now chopped in our passports, marks the end of a step we took in our lives, deviating from what we initially intended to do. While on that journey, we found the support we got and still are getting from Mike Soo, from Travel188, as more than typical for the service concept that is so common in Asia. And still far fetched from what is called "service" in the western world.

It is that service provided by Mike and what we encountered in the application process, that really feels as been welcomed back again to Asia and Malaysia in particular. That journey, from starting the application process to getting it unconditional, is only just one step in the process as supported by Mike. Being prepared for that next one and being guided in to what comes next is the trademark of Mike. His service and enthusiasm doesn't stop at getting the chop in the passport. He extends his "looking after you as an applicant" well beyond that point and ensure you to get the right inroads in to starting that new part in life there. It is that feel of comfort you are not on our own once the initial service is provided, that makes it even more appealing moving there.

That one stop shop concept as based on Mike's relentless effort to get things right, also for what the next step is concerned, makes the journey even more enjoyable.

Z Sheikh - Kenya / UK - I would like to thank you for the fantastic service you have provided.  I rate you as a first class agent in your field and would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone.